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What is Crypto Coins (Ƀ)?

Crypto Coins (Ƀ) is a gem in the cryptocurrency space: our team of in-house traders and whales provide the necessary trading knowledge 24/7, Bitcoin market analysis, real-time news and Binance altcoins signals to ensure every trader gets guaranteed daily profits.

Crypto Coins (Ƀ) - Learn and trade

Regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish, we believe that every trader deserves to have the right tools and follow the right signals to make profits and secure them on the next trade.  Crypto Coins Coach is your right place for it.

Our long-standing experience in trading, close connections with the teams of most of the coins listed on Binance, and over 100,000 active traders in our main channel vouch for us. We always strive ourselves to provide you with the top crypto market alerts, news and support so as to improve your trading.

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Our Services

Market Analysis

Our team releases frequent market analyses to offer you an overall picture of Bitcoin, altcoins and the market sentiment. Learn about the general trend of the market to better manage your trades and help push forward your trading strategy


We offer daily spot, margin and futures signals with short, mid and long-term setups with targets to maximize profits and compounded entries


Our team releases frequent market analyses to offer you an overall picture of Bitcoin, altcoins and the market sentiment. Learn about the general trend of the market to better manage your trades and help push forward your trading strategy


Get signals before anyone else by joining our VIP membership (limited exclusive content) or our Premium membership (full trading exclusive content


Learn new trading techniques, risk management strategies and how to use indicators properly to scalp and swing trade like a professional. Follow our guides


Discover more about the people behind the tokens you trade: weekly live interviews in Telegram with CEOs and Founders of the top crypto projects


Keep track of the total BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT volume in Binance and its variation in hourly intervals


Crypto Tweets: Latest Twitter news from top projects
Crypto News: Latest articles & news in crypto
BSC Logs: Latest big swaps in BCS

CCC Trading Signals

Trading signals are suggested trading ideas for a certain pair (i.e. BNB/BTC) produced by our team which are broken down into suggested compounded entries and targets to either buy (long) or sell (short) based on analysis.

Our trades are always backed up by Trading Analysis like support and resistances, patterns (flags, pennants, head and shoulders,...) and most importantly using technical indicators (RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands among others), as well as with Fundamental Analysis

Unless there is a breakout alert or a dip buy (fast buy events for quick profits), we always suggest our community to split the amount they want to invest in the trade in percentages starting with a fraction of it at CMP (Current Market Price). In this way, every trader will ensure the best possible entry.

We also indicate the trading time, since some setups may be short term (< 1 week),  mid term (1-4 weeks)  or long term (1-4 months).


MATIC/BTC 100x (10,000%) trade example.
Simple and to the point.

Entry 50-70 sats

Target 570 zone

Time frame 4-8 months

Stop-Loss wasn’t needed in this case because of strong support level and dip entry, along with the market sentiment that was very bullish towards the 2021 Bull cycle - after 2020 BTC halving event.

Premium & Vip Crypto Coins (Ƀ)

Join our Premium Crypto Coins Coach membership if you want to live the full trading experience: we will provide you with a safe haven to get earlier both the daily info on the crypto market and Trading and Fundamental Analysis signals to profit off the latest crypto market trends. We also offer a budget VIP membership with the basic features of the Premium one. Membership fee is a one-and-only payment that will grant you lifetime access.



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Premium spot trading Binance Signals and OKex / Kucoin / Huobi / Bithumb...

Short term trades (1-7 days)
Mid term trades (1-4 weeks)
Long term trades (1-6 months)

Premium 100x futures signals - Binance / Bitmex / Bybit / OKex / Kraken / Bitfinex / Poloniex...

Market updates including:

BTC dominance charts / Crypto Cap updates, DXY Gold prices, Dow jones index and S&P500 updates
VIX (the fear index) updates

Extra Day Trading Techniques (Scalping, Swing trades and more..)

Professional Daily Help

Understanding basic TA (Technical Analysis) and charts

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Join our Premium Channel +  chat with admins that are active 24/7 !

NEW: Margin trades for Binance

NEW: Options trades for Binance (put and bid)

NEW: "behind the scenes" explanations about our trades


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VIP Signals (less signals than premium and second in line)

Level 1 inside info

Join VIP pumps

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Live Ask Me Anything Interviews

The Crypto Coins Coach team provides every week Ask Me Anything (AMA) 30-minute-long on-average live audio sessions via Telegram with the CEO and founders of the most reputed projects listed on Binance like Justin Sun from Tron and Sasha Ivanov from Waves to let traders learn and dive further into their favourite coins and tokens.

Our guests will share their opinion on Bitcoin, hot and thorny topics about the market, and will also share highlights of their project as well as getting an inside scoop on what’s coming next for them.

Likewise, anyone can submit the questions they would like to ask to the speaker prior to the AMA by filling a form and, moreover, join a lottery of up to $500 for the top questions sent.

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